The most popular promotional water bottle printing methods

May 11, 2024


CIJ Continuous Inkjet printers are commonly used in production assembly lines for various applications, including printing codes, serial numbers, lot numbers, or other product information on different surfaces. These printers are versatile and can be used on a wide range of materials, including bottles, containers, packaging, and more.


When selecting a CIJ inkjet printer for assembly line, consider the following factors:


1. Printing capabilities: Look for a printer that meets your specific requirements, such as the desired printing resolution, character height, font options, and line speed.


2. Ink compatibility: Ensure that the ink used by the printer is appropriate for your application. Different inks are designed for different surfaces, such as plastic, glass, metal, or paper. It's important to choose the right ink to ensure durability and legibility.


3. Integration: Consider how the printer will integrate into your assembly line. Look for printers that can be easily mounted or adjusted to fit within the production process.


4. Ease of use: Select a printer that offers user-friendly controls, intuitive software, and easy maintenance to minimize downtime and optimize efficiency.


5. Maintenance requirements: Look for printers that have simple maintenance procedures, such as easy printhead cleaning, quick ink changing, and consistent ink flow. This will help reduce any downtime or disruptions on the assembly line.


6. Connectivity options: Depending on your requirements, consider printers that offer various connectivity options, such as Ethernet, USB, or wireless connectivity, to streamline data transfer and control.


7. System reliability: Look for printers that are known for their reliability and durability. Consider factors such as mean time between failures (MTBF) and the availability of technical support.


It is recommended to consult with printer manufacturers or distributors to discuss your specific requirements and find a CIJ inkjet printer that best suits your assembly line needs.


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